Cherry Lambic Beer Vinegar

Beer vinegar is a close cousin to malt vinegar, malt vinegar is made from malted barley. Beer vinegar is made from finished beers of all types, and the character of those beers carries through in the finished vinegar. Beer vinegar is used in many German recipes; it’s apparently a big thing in Bavaria!

Since Fegley’s Brew Works opened their first location in Bethlehem, Pa in 1998, Lambics have been flowing out of the barrels and winning awards. Lambics are known for being produced in the Senne River Valley in Belgium, southwest of Brussels. However, some breweries (like Fegley’s) have been able to brew these tart delicacies elsewhere.

The unique part of a Lambic is that it uses wild yeast strains and spontaneous fermentation to create the perfect combination of fruit and tartness. After fermentation has been completed like any other beer, fruit is added to the barrels to help kick off the fermentation process again for additional funky flavors.

Those who enjoy a tart fruity beer with a slight “wine” taste to it, might absolutely love this vinegar.

Ingredients: Beer vinegar, Fegley’s Cherry Lambic, apple cider vinegar & natural flavors

Acidity: 6%

Serving Suggestions:

Beer vinegar pickles and beets

Beef stews and briskets

Bratwurst and sauerkraut

Red cabbage

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375 ml
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