Piedmont Honey

It defines clean eating flavors and aroma in both texture and taste.  Upon smelling this delightfully fresh vinegar, the bright honey aroma transports you to the natural landscapes of the Piedmont countryside.  The pale yellow color and sweet and sour notes are balanced by an unmistakable centerpoint of honey and Pinot Grigio grape must.  Pair with any infused olive oil or Medium Super Premium EVOO and let your palate guide you to bright, sweet flavors with just a touch of acidity.


  • Combine with Italian Lemon olive oil to marinade zucchini slices before grilling
  • Combine with a spicy olive oil to dress quinoa, wild rice or farro salads
  • Drizzle to finish steamed green beans or sautéed Swiss chard
  • Combine with Dijon mustard to finish grilled Salmon
  • Combine with White Truffle oil for a fantastic marinade
  • Use in lieu of honey in any of your favorite vinaigrette recipes
  • Add to iced tea, mocktails or cocktails


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