Black Currant Balsamic Condimento

Most people associate the flavor of black currants with the popular health cordials such as Ribena, or with the French liqueur known as cassis. The sweet, earthy and rich berry flavor of black currants in this balsamic is truly unique. It has fresh aromas of gooseberry, passion fruit and hints of raspberry. Combined with the floral aromatic notes of carnations and roses, it lends itself beautifully to delicious vinaigrettes. The underlying tannic structure of this balsamic adds complexity and balance to the berries’ acidity and sweetness. The floral diversity is fresh and sharply cleansing, with no residual sweetness.


  • Combine with Chipotle or Harissa olive oils to marinate then grill (or roast) meat
  • Brush on pears, peaches, apricots and pineapple prior to grilling for great caramelization
  • Combine with any Seasons EVOO for a great salad dressing
  • Drizzle on fresh ricotta, ice cream and fresh berries
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