Banderillas are a classic Spanish tapa served on small skewers. Our banderillas are packed in vinegar and include gherkin pickles, guindilla peppers, pearl onions, green olives and red peppers.

The flavor is addictive!! Crunchy, tangy and a bit spicy.

Banderillas are a great instant tapa. Serve them cold or at room temperature. Pair them with a cold lager beer, a glass of your favorite Spanish wine or your next Bloody Mary.

Add them to a cheese, charcuterie or smoked salmon platter.

In Spain, pickled vegetables, such as gherkins, pearl onions, and olives, are everywhere, from homes to restaurants, from traditional recipes to avant-garde cuisine. The sour, salty, and sweet vegetables vary from region to region, but their tradition is one shared by all.



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