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This is a Greek variety, but grown in Spain; and thank goodness, because of the limited crop in Greece this year. This is an example of an exceptional, early-harvest Koroneiki. The aroma is a nice mix of strong tropical and herbal scents. It is a very robust oil that is quite bitter, very pungent, and also very fruity. It is quite complex with many herbaceous flavors, but with mostly the dark green characteristics of cooked artichoke, green tea, nettle, black pepper, and obvious green banana.
Recommended Use

The complex balance of mellow and green fruit flavors make this olive oil ideal for roasting eggplants, adding to warm lentil and bulgur salads, dressing chopped salads, or finishing grilled fish.

GOLD MEDAL- 2019 Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition
GOLD MEDAL- 2019 New York International Olive Oil Competition
Country of Origin:
Crush Date:
October 2018
Acidity .16%
Median Fruitiness 6.5
Peroxides 3.3
Polyphenols 473
PPP <1%
1,2 DAGS 93%
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