Olio Nuovo, or “new oil,” is the first pressed olive oil of the season. When extra virgin olive oil is made from green olives harvested very early in the season and cold-extracted within hours of picking, it becomes a potent, flavorful, healthful elixir. Olio Nuovo is the freshest possible extra virgin olive oil you can find. When you taste  Olio Nuovo, you experience a peppery, fruity, pleasantly bitter burst of fresh olive oil taste. Olio Nuovo also is the healthiest extra virgin olive oil. It delivers a higher level of polyphenols

This award-winner Hojiblanca was made at our family’s mill in Southern Spain.

The story of our company is also our family’s story. Our commitment to quality begins before the fruit is even picked.

We pre-plan our harvests down to the hour, ensuring the earliest crush of green fruit possible.

Our mill in Spain, Almazara Aguilar, continue to win numerous gold and silver medals at both the New York and L.A. International Olive Oil Competitions for taste and quality.

We look forward to you experiencing the passion and dedication that defines Seasons.

Soraya Aguilar


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This delicate and exceptionally fruity olive oil is absolutely perfect, requiring three, 25-ton truckloads of olives to make just under 3,000 liters of oil. If you want the best, this is it – it is the ultimate enthusiast’s EVOO made from Hojiblanca table olives with the fruit-bearing ultra-low yields of olive oil, thus the price.

This is a fantastic, early-harvest Hojiblanca oil with all of the complex herbal flavors that are characteristic of the variety. The aroma is a wonderful combination of mixed flowers and culinary herbs. The oil is perfectly balanced with slightly more bitterness than pungency and very high fruitiness. The flavor is quite herbaceous green including fresh-cut grass, tomato fruit, fresh artichoke, green apple, almond, green banana, mint, cinnamon, and a persistent black pepper.

This oil is perfect for finishing seafood, pasta, lettuce, endive salads, and lighter ingredients that require a delicate olive oil.

In October 2019 our team at Seasons came over to our mill in Spain to experience the early harvest and pressing of this delicious and fresh extra virgin olive oil!  They can’t wait to share their experience and knowledge with you!

Awards: Gold Medal New York International Olive Oil Competition

Gold Medal L.A  International Extra Virgin  Olive Oil Competition

Best of Class LA International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

Paul Vossen Rating:

98 / 100

Country of Origin:


Crush Date:

October 2020

1,2 DAGS: 97.8%

Acidity: .08%

Median Fruitiness: 9

Oleic: 74.11%

Peroxides: 4.4

Polyphenols: 315

PPP: <1%

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