Chilean Frantoio

About the Product
This high polyphenol Frantoio was harvested early when the fruit was just turning color from green to purple, making it quite bitter, as well as very fruity and moderately pungent. The aroma is nicely floral. It has mostly leafy green flavor characteristics of woodiness, cooked artichoke, green tea, and nettle. This great Frantoio has hot chili pepper finish in the mouth as well as notes of black pepper. The many herbal flavors include fresh-cut-grass, green apple, and spicy black pepper. It cools the mouth with a nice, fresh zing.

Recommended Use
Ideal for roasting vegetables, finishing soups, whole-grain salads, pasta, bread dipping, or finishing grilled fish. Extra virgin olive oil is perfect for cooking, frying, sautéing, poaching, dressing, and baking.

 Acidity 0.19%

Peroxides 7.22

Polyphenols 409

PPP <1%


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