Family Reserve - Escribano Estate

We are proud to launch our customer’s favorite early harvest, green fruit, fresh extra virgin olive oil: Family Reserve Picual. This oil was made at our family’s mill in Linares, Spain during the first two days of harvest this October by crushing under-ripe green olives early in the morning and then again at night to maintain a low olive fruit temperature.

In Spain, UC Davis Professor and Seasons in-house expert, Dr. Paul Vossen, helped make this oil with Soraya’s brother, Andres, creating a fabulous and unique, high-quality expression of Picual extra virgin olive oil. Dr. Vossen is one of the world’s highest-regarded olive agronomists and olive oil tasters.

Tasting Notes:

The aroma of this Picual is reminiscent of mint, fresh herbs, grass, artichoke, tomato leaf, and tropical fruit. High fruitiness and balanced bitterness and pungency keep this oil harmonious with medium intensity and black pepper finish.

The quality parameters are equally impressive: less than .1% acidity and 356 polyphenols. The DAGs, or freshness indicator, register at 98.7% out of 100 and Oleic at 78%.

Polyphenols: 350
Acidity: .1
Peroxides: 4.4
Oleic: 78.1
DAGs 98.7

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