Chilean Arbequina

About the Product

This has to be one of the best Arbequina oils ever! It has a wonderful, complex, and intense floral aroma. The balance is perfect as it is slightly more pungent than bitter and very fruity; all three attributes are quite high. The flavor is slightly more of green olive fruit than ripe olive fruit, but both are there. It is very complex with many fresh, green, herbal flavors like green almond, fresh artichoke, and grass with a spicy, zingy finish. It also fills the palate with the nutty roundness of butter and tropical fruits.


Recommended Use

It’s ideal for dipping bread, tossing salads, cooking hearty dishes, or merely drenching ripe tomatoes.

Acidity 0.11%

Polyphenols 464

Peroxides 4.58

PPP <1%




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