Chilean Favolosa-FS17

About The Product: 

This Favolosa was harvested early when the fruit was just turning color from green to purple, that is why it is quite bitter; it is also very fruity and moderately pungent. The aroma is nicely floral. It has mostly leafy green flavor characteristics of woodiness, cooked artichoke, green tea, and nettle. This is a super HIGH polyphenol extra virgin olive oil.

Recommended Use:

Use to finish warm fall and winter vegetable soups and stews. Add to your favorite pasta, roasted vegetables. Use with Seasons rubs to marinade poultry, and pork. 

1,2 DAGS 85.3%

Acidity .26%

Country of Origin


Crush Date April 2019

Oleic 73.2%

Peroxides 3.64

Polyphenols 750

PPP 2%

K232 1.94

Median Fruitiness 8


Flavor Profile
(not at all)(very)
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375 ml
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