The uncommon, small-batch, Ayvalik cultivar from Turkey is mild, super nutty and confectionary – bursting with character and high aroma. This EVOO is a true sensory delight!

The country of Turkey produces a lot of olive oil from many different varieties, but Ayvalik is the most widely grown. This mild oil is very well made from early harvested fruit. It has a nice floral and fresh herbaceous aroma. The balance of mild bitterness, strong fruitiness, and sharp pungency is perfect. It also has a good mix of ripe and green fruity flavors that gives it a lot of complexity and a full-bodied mouthfeel. The ripe flavors are both tropical and citrus.

Use this award-winner oil to bake your favorite Mediterranean olive oil cake, scrambled eggs, delicate salads, vegetable carpaccio, if you are looking to substitute butter with extra virgin olive oil for baking, this is your oil!


Paul Vossen Rating: 100/ 100

Country of Origin: Turkey

Crush Date: October 2020

1,2 DAGS: 94.6%

Acidity: .11%

Median Fruitiness: 9

Oleic: 71.2%

Peroxides: 5.12

Polyphenols: 227

PPP: <1%

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