Arbequina Chef Collection

Arbequina Chef Collection

Our first large-format bottle
for everyday cooking

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Introducing our 2021 award winner, Home Chef Collection 750 mL. Arbequina! The design means a great deal to us,
with the blue of Andalusian skies, the terracotta hue of the soil, and the iconic green of our oils,
this is a piece of our home, and we are so proud to have it become a piece of yours. Whether
you’re a professional chef, aspiring to be one, cooking for a full house, or a pure lover of EVOO
like us, then this is the bottle for you!

About the Product

An absolutely sublime green olive oil and one of the best Arbequinas ever! The aroma is floral, like a bouquet of fresh flowers, revealing very complex fruity notes of ripe tropical fruits and berries. The flavor is also quite herbaceous with compliments of green apple, mint, cinnamon, and black pepper. This oil has a nice kick of pungency and the perfect balance of medium bitterness to compliment the fruitiness.

Recommended Use

It’s ideal for dipping bread, finishing soups, roasting vegetables, salads, vegetable carpaccio, or merely drenching ripe tomatoes. Pair with Seasons Sherry Reserva or Champagne vinegar to make the perfect salad dressing! A perfect EVOO for everyday cooking!

Paul Vossen Rating:


Country of Origin: Spain

Crush Date: October 2020

1,2 DAGS: 96.7%

Acidity: .13%

Median Fruitiness: 9

Oleic: 64.3%

Peroxides: 3.7

Polyphenols: 179

PPP: <1%

Olio Nuovo, or “new oil,” is the first pressed olive oil of the season. When extra virgin olive oil is made from green olives harvested very early in the season and cold-extracted within hours of picking, it becomes a potent, flavorful, healthful elixir. Olio Nuovo is the freshest possible extra virgin olive oil you can find.

This Arbequina was made at our family’s mill in Linares, Jaén, Southern Spain. Our commitment to quality begins before the fruit is even picked. We pre-plan our harvests down to the hour, ensuring the earliest crush of green fruit possible.

Our mill in Spain, Almazara Aguilar, continues to win numerous gold and silver medals at both the New York and L.A. International Olive Oil Competitions for taste and quality.

We look forward to you experiencing the passion and dedication that defines Seasons.


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750 mL.
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