Baking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Mom

Baking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Mom
Baking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Mom
Virtual Class

Chef Steve Konopelski 

May 7th from 6 PM EST to 7:30 PM EST
Ever wondered what would happen if you replaced the butter in your favorite baked good with olive oil?

The answer… three words:  HEALTHY and DELICIOUS.

Using olive oil in place of butter and/or less healthy oils significantly cuts the amount of saturated fats in a recipe. The unique and complex flavor of the olive oil shines through—subtly, at first, but with a wonderful nutty, buttery undertone that compliments bread and cakes perfectly. You may not be able to identify this secret ingredient after your first bite, but you’ll know instantly that it’s unlike any cake you’ve had before. 

How to sign up: 
Register online. The cost for each class is $50 per household—you can have as many people cooking with you as you wish! To sign up, only one person needs to register.
After you sign up, you will receive an email with the following:
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Baking with Olive Oil
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