Deluxe Paella Gift Basket

Deluxe Paella Gift Basket

The perfect gift to share with your friends and family! This Valencian rice dish feeds a crowd and is lots of fun to prepare.

This beautifully packaged kit has everything you need to start cooking — including a traditional paella pan and a cookbook featuring 108 paella recipes — just add your favorite fresh seafood, meats, and vegetables!

Stainless steel paella pan
La Paella Cookbook by Jeff Koehler
Bomba Rice from Calasparra D.O. – the ultimate rice for paella (2.2 lbs)
Saffron (500 mg)
Seasons Smoked Paprika Seasoning (1.7 oz)
Seasons Extra Virgin Olive Oil (200 ml)

Serves 6.

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Deluxe Paella Gift Basket
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