Penne a Triangolo


These triangular-shaped penne are as pleasing to the eye as they are to their mouthfeel. They have a nice, firm texture and pair beautifully with any tomato based sauces and are fantastic in cream sauces.

Use this pasta with basil pesto!

This is a great option for pasta salad, try with Seasons lemon infused olive oil, herbs di Napoli balsamic and tuscan seasoning for the perfect salad!

In the heart of Gragnano, in the famous Via Roma, a place that once daily saw the pasta masters teaching the ancient art of “white gold”, it is currently the headquarters of Pasta Cuomo. A company that breathes air of history.

It’ just around 1840 that starts the story of Nicolino Cuomo, known in Gragnano for the production of bronze drawn pasta.

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Penne Triangolo
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