From the Italian word tagliare, meaning “to cut,” as tagliatelle was traditionally hand-made and cut with a knife. Wider than fettuccine this pasta is mostly associated with Bologna, but today is very common throughout Italy.

Traditionally served with a hearty bolognese sauce, this pasta is usually served also with cream sauces. Try with Seasons family reserve extra virgin olive oil, pepe e aglio seasoning and grated pecorino Romano cheese!

Try our Seasons recipe: Tagliatelle with fava beans, shrimp and saffron tomato sauce

In the heart of Gragnano, in the famous Via Roma, a place that once daily saw the pasta masters teaching the ancient art of “white gold”, it is currently the headquarters of Pasta Cuomo. A company that breathes air of history.

It’ just around 1840 that starts the story of Nicolino Cuomo, known in Gragnano for the production of bronze drawn pasta.


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