A Neapolitan symbol, the name “spaghetti” was invented by Antonio Viviani.

From the Italian word spago meaning “string or thread,” there is no pasta in the world more famous than this. With its rough texture and incredible bite, the Coumo spaghetti is made for the true pasta lover.

We strongly recommend you serve this pasta with extra virgin olive oil so you enjoy its flavor and texture. It is hard to resist simply tossed with Seasons tuscan herb olive oil and an abundant grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese!

In the heart of Gragnano, in the famous Via Roma, a place that once daily saw the pasta masters teaching the ancient art of “white gold”, it is currently the headquarters of Pasta Cuomo. A company that breathes air of history.

It’ just around 1840 that starts the story of Nicolino Cuomo, known in Gragnano for the production of bronze drawn pasta.

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