About the Product
This is a very robust, super green and fruity olive oil containing high levels of polyphenols. This oil was made at our mill in Spain. The oil is both very bitter and pungent with little ripe fruit flavor, however, it is very floral and bursting with complex herbaceous flavors dominated by green tea, mint, nettle, and black pepper. This Frantoio should add a lot of spicy, herbal zing to many rich, flavorful foods this holiday season.
Recommended Use
This early harvest Spanish Frantoio is a fantastic all-purpose olive oil, particularly well-suited for cooking with roasting and marinating. It also makes a fantastic salad dressing.
Country of Origin:
Crush Date:
October 2018
Acidity .19%
Median Fruitiness 7
Peroxides 6
Polyphenols 597
PPP <1%
1,2 DAGS 97%
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