Frantoio Novello

About the Product: 

This is what an early harvest Frantoio olive oil is supposed to taste like! It has almost no ripe fruit character, but it is quite floral and has a very complex makeup of green fruitiness characteristics. It has many herbal flavors, but especially fresh-cut-grass, green apple, mint, cinnamon, and spicy black pepper. It cools the mouth with a nice fresh zing. The balance is perfect with high pungency and fruitiness and medium bitterness.

Recommended Use:

This early harvest Frantoio is a fantastic all-purpose olive oil, particularly well-suited for roasting and marinating. It also makes fantastic salad dressings.

 Acidity 0.3%

Peroxides 4.45

Polyphenols 285

PPP <1%


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