About the Product

This Arbequina is from our family mill in Spain and has a huge floral aroma, like smelling a big mixed bouquet of flowers and tropical fruit.  It has that classic ripe, round fruitiness that tastes like butter, ripe apples, and very nutty dried almonds. The oil is extremely green and pungent with characteristics of artichoke, green apple, spicy herbs, and black pepper. This Arbequina is very complex, harmonious, and of course very fresh.

Recommended Use

It’s ideal for dipping bread, tossing salads, cooking hearty dishes, or merely drenching ripe tomatoes.

Crush Date
October 2018

Acidity .14%

Median Fruitiness 8.5

Peroxides 3.5

Polyphenols 231

PPP <1%

1,2 DAGS 97.3%

K232 1.72


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