Chilean Arbequina

About the Product

This is a very harmonious Arbequina extra virgin olive oil with both ripe and green characteristics. It has a wonderful flowery aroma followed by typical buttery, nutty, and ripe-fruit flavors of the variety. It also is quite herbaceous and pungent with just the right amount of bitterness. The balance is perfect, freshness outstanding, and the finish is peppery.

Recommended Use

It’s ideal for dipping bread, tossing salads, vegetable carpaccio, or merely drenching ripe tomatoes. Pair with Seasons Sherry reserva or Champagne vinegar to make the perfect salad dressing. 


Crush Date
May 2019

Acidity .15%

Median Fruitiness 8

Peroxides 4.6

Polyphenols 250

PPP <2%

1,2 DAGS 91.8%

K232 1.25


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